Artist Statement



I work almost exclusively in the area of drawing, now mainly ink on paper, which broadly explores several main themes – autobiographical events, the uneasy relationship between landscape and industry, cultural erosion and synthesis and the evocation of a sense of place. For the purposes of narrative, many take on a triptych format. But also each panel is a discrete piece and can be exhibited alone.

Most of my work is developed as a series. Some are conceived as a local observation and develop into a much bigger concept. So, a triptych on the effects of 9/11 on my immediate environment, becomes a much larger exploration on the Mideast conflict.

My interest lies more in illusion than physicality that is why my large paper pieces are always presented, frameless and without glass. I would like them to float like wafers on the wall - without weight they can push you back or pull you in.
But yet they still are a part of the real world. They exist as a physical presence when the lights go out.


22.09.2022 16:37

Bunny Greenman

Hi, Clive. I haven't seen you in too long but I think about your work all the time. I only have a small drawing but it's very meaningful to me. I hope all is well with you.

27.05.2022 16:17


Dear Clive, are you planning any Intuitive Workshops in England? Your method is exceptional and I hope you will continue. I would love the opportunity to participate.

24.05.2022 17:52

Brian Jones

Clive, so nice to hear your Merthyr accent and remember you from Cyfarthfa although you were a few years in front of me.Gareth Parry, like me Twyn boy, refered me to your site.

24.03.2022 22:06

Ana Galano

Clive!!!! I miss you!! Haha, that's all I wanted to say. Sending you a hug!!

08.02.2022 19:46

Lulu Rocka

Hi Clive,

You seem unreachable on social media that I'm leaving a comment on your website in the hopes that you'll read it and even answer me back. Seems there's a word limit here Please write ba

04.03.2022 12:17

Hi Lulu,

Hi Lulu,
what can I do for you,

02.09.2021 07:44


Hello Clive!
I have a request for you. Do you have an email adress? /Josephine Norrbo

04.03.2022 12:20

Clive king

Sorry, I'm a little late in responding

14.08.2021 18:26

John DuFresne

Clive! Excellent work! Let’s re-connect. Rob Price is looking to get back in touch with you. All the best, John

14.07.2021 03:32

Diane Mcgrath Lokos

are you still doing workshops .. loved to do one