Intuitive drawing workshop     


For several years I have been running intuitive drawing workshops across the country. 

These are intense, absorbing, experiences, which initially demand a total physical and mental commitment. The first part creates the condition of work, the pace, and channeling, automatic response, given momentum by the shared experience of the ‘group dynamic’.

 Drawing is the engine that drives the workshop but many of the works turn into multi media concepts.


Although the groups are mainly fine art students including performance and time based media, many graphic design, architect, time based media and photography students have found the experience highly worthwhile. The workshop works well on the BA, BFA and MFA levels or a mixture of all levels.

A typical workshop runs for one or two days, (usually on Friday/Saturday).On the Saturday afternoon a hanging team is elected from the students and they organize the rest of the students into changing  the workshop into an exhibition which opens in the evening. These exhibitions sometimes last for just that night, many last for several weeks or are re-exhibited in in other public places.


Also, over the years, have giving hundreds of presentations of my own work and would be glad to do so for your institution, Some invite me to exhibit my drawings as part of the experience. A short while ago I held a workshop at Clemson University and they made a two minuet film of the event which runs on YouTube, here is the link  or YouTube  Drawing: Automatic Engine Exhibit .   Plus time interval cameras recorded the two day event from start to gallery exhibition and placed on  flicka





04.09.2022 10:51

Marc Michiels

wµWhere can I find written instructions regarding this way of drawing?
Is there a book? Is it possible to get handouts?
Are there other youtube tutorials?
Thank You