Graphite Work

Most of my work is developed as a series. Some are conceived as a local observation and develop into a much bigger concept. So, a triptych on the local effects of 9/11 on my immediate environment (“Dispatches from the Nether Regions”) becomes a much larger exploration on the Mideast conflict through pieces like “Towers of Babel” and “State of Grace”


State of grace. graphite on paper. Each drawing is 80"h x 78"w in triptych form 80"h x 240"w

State of Grace. left panel

State of grace. center panel

State of Grace. right panel

Dispatches from the Nether regions

Left panel

Middle panel

Towers of Babel Left panel

Towers of Babel. Middle panel

Towers of Babel , Right Panel

Madre Cariad.

Exhibition scale shot

Exhibition scale shot